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Profitability and Utilization
Report for IT Services Firms

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Compare your EBIT, profitability and
and utilization to IT industry standards.

Understand how mature your IT agency is on an industry landscape
and what you must do to take it to the next level.

EBIT, Profitability and Utilization benchmarks

  • What is my company's profitability vs. the industry?
  • How is my company different from others that achieve lower / higher profits?
  • How does it look broken down by size, service type, client or location?

IT Services Industry Maturity Score

  • How well developed my firm is vs. the industry?
  • What I need to do to take it to the next level?
  • How to protect my IT services firm from recession?

Insights from industry leaders and representatives

  • What trend is visible on the market?
  • What is perspective from different European regions?
  • Inisghts from representatives of the leading IT services firms and IT clusters
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See how IT services industry performs and exactly where you rank it.

Compare EBIT, profitability and utilization level by region, specialization, clients type and more

Discover how mature the IT services market is and
what drives outstanding profitability

Based on more than 300+ responses discover why some companies achieve great results
while others are still on their journey to operational excellence.

Level 1

  • Financial information only from accounting
  • No time-tracking process implemented
  • +6 more

Level 2

  • Cost tracking from different perspectives
  • Accuracy of working time estimation to actuals at the level of over 70%
  • +6 more + all level 1
🎉 You are here!
You are among the 20% of companies that have reached level 3!

Level 3

  • Ability to plan long-term employee utilization (at least 3 months in advance)
  • Forecasting 1st degree profitability on projects
  • +13 more + all level 2

Level 4

  • The company monitors project margins, taking into account corporate overheads
  • Measuring costs of unutilized people, and non-billable projects
  • +8 more + all level 3

Level 5

  • Creating utilization and profitability forecasts taking into account various scenarios (uncertain projects, uncertain allocations)
  • Introduced utilization goals for each person, broken down by seniority and position as well as profitability goals for each project
  • +15 more + all level 4
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Report that proves improving profitability doesn't need to be hard.

Market recession is already here.

While a few years ago acquiring new projects was fairly easy, nowadays it becomes harder and harder.
That means taking care of profitability and finding a perfect balance between people's workload, the economic ambitions of the company, and market demand will be crucial to develop a scalable and crisis-proof firm.

While talking with more than 250 Executives managing IT services firms from the European market, we’ve noticed a huge need to benchmark and understand what differentiates high-growing and highly profitable businesses from others.

Get insights from IT industry leaders and how it's seen on different European markets.

Different European regions bring different perspectives.
See how it's seen by other leaders and representatives from the IT industry.

"The report is an excellent response to market demand. At SoDA, we listen to the needs of our member companies, and many of them have shown interest in a benchmark that can indicate their profitability and utilization in comparison to other companies. This report will standardize the criteria in an area that is crucial for scaling up software companies. By introducing a maturity score for each company, it will be easier to position themselves among others and make informed decisions to improve their businesses.

Moreover, the fact that it covers the CEE region countries is an added advantage. We are confident that the results of this research will provide significant benefits to the ambitious companies within SoDA."

Marta Kepa
Executive Director

"In the highly uncertain business environment in which IT service companies currently operate, a comparative insight into management indicators and a critical analysis of one's results can fundamentally impact the dynamics and accuracy of decisions that are often crucial for the company.

The exchange of highly substantive business knowledge in a trusted group of entrepreneurs is one of the central values of the ITCorner technology cluster. The report will significantly affect the scope of exchanged and discussed data, contributing to developing a dynamic environment and qualitative development of Polish companies we associate with ITCorner."

Karolina Charewicz- Jakubowska
Managing Director

"BASSCOM is joining as a strategic partner from Bulgaria, because we believe that such studies are extremely important. Up-to-date information on the state of IT services, as well as the way IT companies cope with the challenges resulting from the series of crises - pandemic, economic crisis and war in Ukraine - are key for the industry's sustainability. Every IT company needs to be aware that a new era is dawning in its development, in which speed and adaptability are essential. Changes are happening at the speed of light, and the specificity of AI-based technologies is such that the sooner a given company embraces them and works with them, the greater its chances of being among the new leaders. Against this background, I hope that the Benchmark will give us an answer to the big question – do we have what it takes to maintain Europe's leading positions on the global IT map with the help of AI?"

Dobroslav Dimitrov
Chairman of the Management Board

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Valueships is a research company established by former McKinsey & Company consulting employees.They are responsible for preparing one of the most recognized IT reports on the Polish market (with SoDA - Poland's biggest IT services community).

Company provide a proven research methodology without having any access to data.More about research methodology, and data encryption can be found here.

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About Primetric

Primetric is a platform used by managers of IT service companies from over 15 countries, including the TOP 50 companies of Polish Clutch and the fastest-growing IT service companies recognized by Financial Times, Deloitte, and Forbes in Europe.

Our mission is to help managers to track and forecast the profitability of projects, clients, and the entire company, as well as the workload of billable people (billable and non-billable utilization level) while catching the right balance between these indicators. It is the main source of knowledge about operations in an IT service company and a kind of "command center" for the CEO / COO and Delivery and Finance teams.

15 Countries
leading IT services firms from Europe

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