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Forecast the availability of your people and track the time they spend on projects to compare your plans with reality. Understand your operational and financial performance at a glance.

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Bring every part of your business under one roof to accelerate non-billed tasks and focus on
what matters most: providing your clients with high-quality IT services.

Find & schedule most available people to your project any time

See who’s available, and schedule most suitable people to existing, planned or tentative projects with a single click, thanks to a smart algorithm based on tech & soft skills matrix.

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Estimate, track & optimize projects delivery with playful ease

Estimate project’s phases, report vacancies, and manage project profitability. Deliver truly data-driven and profitable results.

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Track people’s work and see how it affects projects

Help employees log their work faster with predictive timesheets and employee dashboard. And then use this data to improve your project.

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Forecast company and project budgets to keep the planned margin

Estimate costs for an individual project and for your entire business. Track all the changes in real-time on dynamic reports.

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Enable team development and skill management

Create detailed employee profiles with their work history and contract terms. Generate blind CVs with just a few clicks and check how they developed over time to make smarter decisions about future projects.

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Stay up to date with powerful reports and don’t waste time on meetings

Get real-time insights into the availability of your employees, vacancy reports, and financial project details. Address issues, optimize processes, and complete projects successfully.

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Track & Optimize


Settle finances


Develop team


Generate reports

Integrated with tools you already use

Does your team love its time tracking and project management solutions?
No worries, you can still make the most of our tool thanks to helpful native integrations.

We help companies achieve their goals

Helping Monterail to slash the time and cost of resource scheduling 

Established in 2010, Monterail is a Polish software development company that grew from a small team to 110+ people, recognized by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies. By implementing Primetric, Monterail finally gained full visibility into its resources, making planning and resource scheduling faster, easier, and more cost-effective. 

Efficiency growth
Saved per year

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

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How Primetric helped Future Mind to reduce bench time by 3,500 h

Future Mind was using Harvest Forecast for planning and assigning specialists to projects. However, the solution was too simple and lacked key functionalities like financial forecasting, checking forecasts against actual outcomes, and advanced permission settings.

3,500 hours
reduced bench time y/y
200 000$
additional income

Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

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Helping TestArmy bring together resource planning and budgeting features

TestArmy used two separate tools for managing their resources and tracking time, Cost Locker and Float. Since using two separate tools turned out to be time-consuming, inefficient, and costly, the company was looking for a solution that would integrate all of the key features under one roof.

larger cost savings
source of truth

Wojciech Huminski

Chief Operating Officer

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Helping an Australian IT company save 200k per year thanks to improved resource planning

HSD is an Australian software development company with branches across five locations and over 20 years of history. HSD is a certified Microsoft partner, running long-term projects with multi-million budgets. Specializing in the Microsoft Dynamics and .NET ecosystem, HSD has an excellent track of cooperation with small, mid-sized, and large private and public organizations in sectors such as education, healthcare, and regulation (RegTech).

200 000$
saved per year
15h to 30s
reduced planning time

Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

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Here’s what our clients say about Primetric

We helped many businesses to manage their resources better and increase their operational performance.

Here’s what our clients say about Primetric

We helped many businesses to manage their resources better and increase their operational performance.

"Primetric helped us to minimize the number of meetings and time spent in multiple spreadsheets. Moreover, it provides the best team planning mechanism on the market. The system itself suggests who will best  the project suit based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

“Primetric is a game-changing solution. It lets us reduce planning time from 15h per week to just a few minutes. In addition, thanks to the quick comparison of plans to reality, I can easily control what is happening in the project portfolio and react before it’s too late. Primetric took a heavy burden off me."

Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

"Primetric helped us optimize planning meetings and time spent keeping spreadsheets and reports up to date. Moreover, it provides one of the most comprehensive team planning mechanisms on the market. The system suggestions help find who will best suit the project based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

"Primetric is a solution that addresses the unique problems facing IT companies and software development companies like us. We configured it to match our processes perfectly and implemented many extra features. The Primetric team was ready to help us at every stage of the implementation."

Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

"Instead of using 3 different tools, we have Primetric that allows us to quickly see developers availability, compare plans to reality and forecast projects’ profitability under one roof."

Jarosław Rafa

Delivery Manager

"Using Primetric, we are able to reduce the time to prepare an offer to a few minutes. Clients are delighted and we are implementing more projects"

David S.

Sales Director

"Thanks to Primetric, we are able to better manage our projects. Easily plan, estimate, and track all activities and see how they affect project profitability and deliverability."

Luke Gajda

Member of the Board

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