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Primetric provides a single system for resource & finance forecasting
giving you the insight needed to make every project a success

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Tired of endless spreadsheets not accessible for your whole team?

Primetric brings every part of your business under one roof

Project Planning
Create projects with all needed data for best management. Deliver truly data-driven and profitable results.
Resource Scheduling
Using one-click, you can schedule best-suited specialists based on availability & tech skills
Cost & Profit Management
Estimate your costs in a specific project as well as in the whole organization. See changes in real-time thanks to dynamic reports.
Timesheets & Time Tracking
Measure projects, teams, and peoples performance with timesheets and built-in time tracker
Resource & Skills Management
Quick view of team members with utilization status, tech skills, and advanced search engine
Find & schedule most suitable people to your project any time
See who’s available, and schedule most suitable people to existing, planned or tentative projects with a single click, thanks to smart algorithm based on tech & soft skills matrix.
intelligent resource assignment assistant
advanced search filters
quick view of resource skills and utilization
Track & forecast projects with playful ease
Create projects with all needed data for best management.
Deliver truly data-driven and profitable results.
define the method of accounting for projects (Time & Material, Fixed Price or other)
plan & track your revenue and expenses
set milestones and phases of your projects
compare forecasts to reality and optimize it before it will be too late

Try it now and stop wasting time with spreadsheets.

Easy drag & drop resource scheduler
Browse through projects and people with easy-to-use calendar which count utilization and compare for yor available, scheduled and logged work hours.
switching between project and people scheduler
order by utilization
available, scheduled and logged work hours in one simple view
Scroll down to see the future
See the future and avoid mistakes
Use active, reserve and drafts assignments to compare how your teams and projects will behave in the future
complex forecasting of utilization, availability & more
analyze the occupancy of entire teams and utilize unused resources
get quick insight into projects that require the most hourly commitment

Manage your resources and projects like a boss.

Team Development & Skill Management
Create complex employee profiles with a work history, contract terms, generate blind CVs and see how they developed over time.
birds-eye view of capacity and personal calendar of each team member
logged work time with additional notes & issues
observe the employee's skills development over time

Leave & Vacancies Management

Let team members report their holiday, sickness or maternity leave.
Include employee availability and report vacancies.

Insights & Reports smart as Einstein

Get real-time insights into financial, availability, disposal, and vacancies reports.
React, optimize and easily complete each project successfully.

Our users call Primetric game-changing solution