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“Primetric is a game-changing solution. It lets us reduce planning time from 15h per week to just a few minutes. In addition, thanks to the quick comparison of plans to reality, I can easily control what is happening in the project portfolio and react before it’s too late. Primetric took a heavy burden off me."

Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

"Primetric helped us optimize planning meetings and time spent keeping spreadsheets and reports up to date. Moreover, it provides one of the most comprehensive team planning mechanisms on the market. The system suggestions help find who will best suit the project based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

"Primetric is a solution that addresses the unique problems facing IT companies and software development companies like us. We configured it to match our processes perfectly and implemented many extra features. The Primetric team was ready to help us at every stage of the implementation."

Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

"Instead of using 3 different tools, we have Primetric that allows us to quickly see developers availability, compare plans to reality and forecast projects’ profitability under one roof."

Jarosław Rafa

Delivery Manager

"I love the fact that Primetric integrates with Jira, because we have the whole structure created in Jira. (...) and the beauty of that is that the time is smoothly rolled into Primetric by person, by project and date and THERE IS NO MORE THINKING ABOUT IT. It just happens - it's just really nice."

Doug Helm

Director for Technology and Operations

"You have all the cases that are possible [in the system]. That was the eye opener, that’s when we said “This tool is really good!”. I remember showing it to my friends in Croatia. They said: “If that’s the case, we need it as well!”

Christian Paredes


“Primetric allows us to easily visualize the work of our team members and intelligently balance their workloads in the rapidly changing environments of R&D projects we realize.”

Peter Lebryk

Chief Technology Officer

"Primetric is the only source of truth and information on the state of the project. If I want to evaluate a project, I go to Primetric. [...] It is a system that allows us to stop and catch up with all the data through the clear visualization of complex data. It allows us to make decisions and changes - without drowning in data and compiling it, which already eats up so much time that no one has the strength to analyze it and make decisions later."

Jacob Ciupinski

Head of PMO

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