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Internal talent pool with all key data in one place

Get an overview of the talent and skills you have on board. Check an employee’s contract history and quickly generate blind CVs for your clients or the HR department. Manage their time off and set public holidays based on geographical location.

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Get instant information about your people

Find out what your people excel at, check how their skills develop over time and show them off to your customers using blind CVs.

Make resource management easy.

“Primetric is a solution that addresses the unique problems facing IT companies and software development agencies like us. ”

Paul Josiek


  • Blind CV generator
  • Tech & Soft Skills Matrix
  • Language proficiency

Resource management with people in mind

Manage the terms and duration of your contracts. Choose the employment type and set terms of working days to measure project profitability accurately and make settlements easier.

„My consultant is better then my own wife! He picks up the phone right after the second I call!”

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

  • Contract history
  • Custom capacity settings
  • Different employment types
Testimonial | HSD
“Primetric is a game-changing solution. It lets us reduce planning time from 15h per week to just 30 seconds. Now, everyone knows who, when, and for how long should work on a project. Primetric took a heavy burden off me."
Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

Add custom public holidays and leaves

Add custom public holidays based on the geographical location of your employees. No more scheduling mistakes because of unexpected holiday time off. Manage all types of leaves in one place.

  • Public Holidays templates
  • Custom Public Holidays
  • Leave approval workflow

Generate powerful reports

Find who will be needed in a near future. Create simulations taking into account reserved assignments or tentative projects, and see how it affects your bench.

That is how your resource management process may excel to another level.

  • Utilization report
  • Vacancy report
  • Availability report

Quickly find the best person for the job

Track your workforce fluctuation and development, so you can always make the best decision about allocation icluding changing cost rates in time.

Resource Management should be easy.

  • Education, certifications and experience
  • Availability forecasts
  • Cost rates

All data in customizable dashboards

Create your favorite reports and add them to dashboard. Update, share them with your team, and be up to date every time you need.

Dashboards focus on resource management, giving you all the necessary data to make critical decisions.

  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Export to XLSX

Resource Management software integrated with your favourite apps

Integrate with existing solutions and control everything from one place.

"Primetric helped us optimize planning meetings and time spent keeping spreadsheets and reports up to date. Moreover, it provides one of the most comprehensive team planning mechanisms on the market. The system suggestions help find who will best suit the project based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."
Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

Resource Management Software - FAQ

What is Resource Management software?
Resource Management software, also known as resource planning software, is a tool or a platform used to monitor, schedule and assign resources to different operations within an organization. 

Depending on the type of the software and features included, the tool can be used in the IT industry to:

1. Assign people to the projects,
2. Determine the hiring needs of the company,
3. Calculate available, billable and general capacity,
4. Choose the right employees for the project based on their skills, qualifications and other qualities,
5. Forecast the capacity and predict further trends,
6. Create drafts of the future project to estimate the needs for resources for the future.
What are the types of Resource Management?
In the IT industry, resource planning can be divided into 7 categories, depending on the type of resources we wish to manage.

Those categories include:

1. Services - i.e. outsourcing, hiring third-party providers or new specialists,
2. Labor - specialists and employees involved or due to be involved in the project,
3. Equipment - i.e. computers and other devices,
4. Materials - i.e. software, accessories, Money and budget, including estimations,
5. Space - or lack of it, in case of remote work,
6. Time and available capacity.
What types of companies should use
Resource Management software?
Resource Management software is used by all types of organizations, regardless of their industry. It is necessary for all the businesses, as all of them use some kinds of resources, even though their types may vary.

In the IT industry, resource planning is generally used by IT service companies wishing to maximize their output and, consequently, their profits by using as much of their resources as possible.

However, other types of IT businesses are also no stranger to this process, as it can help them manage their hiring operations and plan their resources effectively.
What are the steps one needs to take to implement resource planning?
Resource Planning is the base of every single business. However, on a small scale this process does not require any advanced solutions.

To successfully manage resources in a dynamically growing organization, the business needs to implement resource management software.

Generally, it allows managers to gather all the data necessary to make their decisions, access them and browse them from intuitive dashboards with automated charts and tables. Therefore, it is an invaluable asset that saves time - and can increase profits if used correctly.
What does resource planning look like, step by step?
1. Make a resource management plan.
2. Browse all the projects and see what types of resources they require and what specialists may be needed in the near future.
3. Estimate the quantity of resources you need to complete the project.
4. Verify the availability and assign resources to particular tasks.
5. Monitor resources and their changes and make decisions accordingly to achieve your goals.
Who is responsible for the resource management in the company?
In larger companies, a resource manager is usually responsible for resource planning. However, if the company still does not have one, COO or PMO may be in charge of these processes. When company scales up, it is recommended to involve Project Managers in this process as well.

Still, the person responsible for the matter may differ depending on the company’s structure. 
How to measure the effectiveness of resource planning? 
The efficiency of resource management may be measures using metrics such as:

1. Cost variance - the difference between the estimates and actual costs of particular projects.
2. Resource capacity utilization - the number of hours all the employees or particular employees spend on billable work.
3. Planned resources vs resources that are really in use.
4. The number of hours not spent on any billable activity. It can also be calculated as the number of available specialists.

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