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Deliver projects on time and within budget

Plan, estimate, track, and forecast projects from a helpful high-level overview. Allocate the best resources for the job and watch your projects progress smoothly.

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Project Portfolio Management: Manage any kind of project

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Time & Material, Fixed Price, or internal non-billed project. You can easily manage them all and create a tentative project pipeline to help in planning.

Elastic project portfolio management process is the key to success.

„My consultant is better then my own wife! He picks up the phone right after the second I call!”

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

  • Time & Material / Fixed Price / Non-billable projects
  • Tentative / Confirmed projects
  • Support for different currencies

Estimate, plan & execute project budget

Estimate work, create a budget and then track the project’s progress - all the while comparing your plan to what is actually happening. Analyze project profitability with just a few clicks.

„My consultant is better then my own wife! He picks up the phone right after the second I call!”

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

  • Project analysis at various margin levels
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Project’s overheads (one-time & recurring)
“Primetric is a solution that addresses the unique problems facing IT companies and software development companies like us. We configured it to match our processes perfectly and implemented many extra features. The Primetric team was ready to help us at every stage of the implementation.”
Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

Find the best resources for the job

Find the best people for your project and schedule them using different factors like skills, availability, and hourly rate. If you don’t find a good fit, you can let HR know about the vacancy.

Take your Project Portfolio Management process to the sky.

  • Project Skills Matrix
  • Vacancy requests
  • Project Calendar

Test your decisions and avoid mistakes

Quickly compare your financial forecasts to actuals and avoid painful mistakes. Thanks to a high-level view, your project portfolio management process may excel so that you can keep everything under control.

„My consultant is better then my own wife! He picks up the phone right after the second I call!”

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

  • Financial predictions
  • Estimates vs Actuals
  • Advanced filtering

Generate powerful reports

Never lose track of your projects’ progress thanks to detailed reports. Keep a close eye on your project budget to see whether resource utilization matches the project timeline. 

  • Project Finance report
  • Projects Portfolio report
  • Project Progress report

Shareable dashboards with key information about projects

Be always up to date and understand your project portfolio performance at a glance.

Project Portfolio Management that covers your back.

„My consultant is better then my own wife! He picks up the phone right after the second I call!”

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Export to XLSX

Project Portfolio Management software integrated with your favourite apps

Integrate with existing solutions and control everything from one place.

"Thanks to Primetric, we are able to better manage our projects. Easily plan, estimate, and track all activities and see how they affect project profitability and deliverability."
Luke Gajda

Member of the Board

Project Portfolio Management Software - FAQ

What is a Project Portfolio Management software?
Project Portfolio Management software is a tool that allows its users to quickly and effectively manage processes, technologies and resources for multiple operations at once. In general, it shows:

1. The list of the projects with basic information,
2. Detailed descriptions of the projects with all of the necessary data (i.e. budget, estimations, specialists, resources, etc.),
3. Information on any interwoven processes and relations between particular operations.

Project Portfolio Management software is used by project managers and C-level managers for resource planning and making critical decisions for the business. 
What kinds of companies should use Project Portfolio Management software?
Project portfolio management is very important for companies that provide their services to several entities at once and execute a large number of projects simultaneously.

It is a must for all the businesses that rely on their resources and employees to generate profits. It also comes in handy for any companies that take pride in their flexible approach to resource management.

Project Portfolio Management software is also a good choice for any companies willing to expand their operations and quickly scale.

Long story short, it is a perfect choice for any company that wishes to see its assets in real time. 
What are the steps one needs to take to implement Project Portfolio Management software?
In general, project portfolio management relies on tools that allow to gather, exchange and access data from many touch points across the company. 

Should such a tool already be available, the company should define the key points of the process. That includes:

1. Identifying and categorizing crucial projects and processes,
2. Evaluating these operations to establish their value,
3. Prioritize some projects over the others and balance the components according to company’s needs,
4. Authorize and communicate these decisions to both the management and the employees. 
What does the project portfolio management look like, step by step?
Project Portfolio Management consists of:

1. Aligning groups for processes and projects and prioritizing them,
2. Monitoring the projects with regular reports and periodic reviews,
3. Analyzing the performance of particular components,
4. Making the decisions based on the gathered data in order to improve resource management processes. 
Who is responsible for project portfolio management in the company? 
The position of a person responsible for project portfolio management may vary depending on the company, its size and specification. 

In general, it is a responsibility of the PMO Manager, Head of PMO. In some cases, Chief Operation Officer can also be involved in this process. Whenever a new decision needs to be made, the representatives of the sales department can also join the discussion. 

However, it is worth keeping in mind that project portfolio management is a process that requires detailed information from all the departments in the company. Therefore, the number of people involved may be very high. 
How to measure the efficiency of project portfolio management?
The efficiency of project portfolio management can be measured with different KPIs that include:

1. Operational efficiency, i.e. resource utilization or growing number of projects,
2. Time spend on the management itself - it should get shorter as the process is getting implemented,
3. Budget variance in particular projects and all the project overall,
4. Meeting the organizational goals, i.e. growing revenues,
5. Customer satisfaction and the delivery of the projects,
6. Count of errors and incorrect estimates. 

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