Gain absolute clarity on your resources, projects, and finances.
Starting at $13/resource.

Avoid data blind spots that pile up with Excel spreadsheets, separate tools, and distributed knowledge

Trusted by managers and excecutives in stable and growing companies sized 10-600

Integrate with Jira, Harvest, BambooHR, and other tools for instant access to accurate reports

"Primetric has become the base system for team and project portfolio management from both the financial and workload perspective."

Resource Planning
Resource Planning
Company size

What value can Primetric bring?

Dedicated consultant and tailored support

"Primetric’s Customer Support team provided valuable assistance at all times. They helped with configuration, data transfer, and integration with Harvest Forecast during the first stage of implementation - and then went above and beyond to make sure that the solution covers our use cases by 100%."

Agnieszka Uznańska

Head of Delivery

Inspect your costs in real-time

"Before installing Primetric, we could only learn how the project performed in terms of the budget at its end. [...] I can now check Primetric every day to see the burn rate of the project and react accordingly. Everything happens automatically, giving me full control over the project profitability rate."

Kamil Fus

Chief Operating Officer

See threats to your profitability months ahead

"Primetric helps to manage and order the process of passing on knowledge about how people are assigned to projects. It also helps to optimize our process and gives us a single source of truth about our resource planning. I can see whether there are any conflicts and quickly resolve them or check how one change could impact our business priorities."

Peter Lebryk

Chief Technology Officer

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Full feature list

All our plans include all featured listed below.

Resource Planning
Drag & Drop Calendar Scheduler
Zoom in / Zoom out view
Daily / Weekly / Monthly view
Non-billable assignments
Active, reserved, draft assignments
Skills & Location matching
Availability Heatmaps
Capacity planning (contract history & terms)
Custom or pre-defined Public Holidays
Leave Management
Advanced search engine
Different assignment color for better recognition
Notification about overbooking / the bench
Intelligent assignment assistant based on tech skills & availability
Quick view of total utilization
Different ways of setting planned utilization level (fixed, total, % capacity)
Assignments to project’s phase
Project Management
Overview Dashboard
Different billing models (T&M, Fixed Price, Non-billable)
Gantt-style view calendar
Active, closed and tentative projects
Project estimations
Custom rates per project, role, assignment, phase, and more
Multiple currencies support
Currency exchange calculator
Project expense
Project budgeting
Project phases & milestones
Project notes
Internal / External rates
Project skill matrix
Custom Project Fields
Bulk scheduling
Leave & Capacity Management
Custom/Automatic Public Holidays
Custom time-off categories
Leave approval workflow
Leave Tracker
Contract terms
Custom working hours & days
Employment & contract history
Collaboration & Notifications
Real-time notifications
E-mail notifications / reminders
Activity log
Timesheets & Time Tracking
Employee dashboard with today's work
Predictive timesheets
Start-stop time tracking
Quick time entry
Bulk time entry
Approval workflow
Planned vs tracked work
Non-billable work
Tracking work in Public Projects
Track unplanned project work
Custom notes per work log
Export timesheets to .pdf, .xlsx or .csv
Export timesheets to .pdf, .xlsx or .csv
Advanced filtering & grouping
Finance Management
Budgeting dashboard
Actual project spends vs scheduled vs forecasted
Project burn rate
Project Budgeting
Organization overheads budgeting
Custom budget categories
Budgeting workflow
Organization, project & resource profitability
Multiple currencies support
One-time & recurring overheads
Cost allocation keys
Currency exchange calculator
Cash-flow predicitions
Advanced budget simulations
Cost calculations per activity, project, customer, and many other factors
Approval workflows
Timesheets approval workflow
Leave approval workflow
Approvals directly from calendar
Project budget approval workflow
Organization finance approval workflow
Roles & accesses
HR Manager
Finance Manager
Organization Manager
Manager with rates access
Employee with personal development access
Reports & Analytics
Dynamic, fully customizable reports
Advanced report creator
Advanced report export to .XLSX or .CSV
Custom filtering
Expand / Collapse view
Favourite report templates
Favourite filter templates
Utilization Report
Availability Report
Project Finance Report
Project Progress Report
Organization Finance Report
Cash-flow Prediction Report
Vacancy Report
Timesheets Report
Advanced simulations
Scheduled vs Actual vs Forecasted
Resource & Skills Management
Resource Dashboard
Printable blind CV
Custom soft, tech & languages skills
History of employee skills development
Skills Matching group
Team capacity
Advanced search engine
Vacancy management
Individual rates
Individual public holidays
Custom & other
Different time-zones support
Assignment auto-saving
User archiving
Export all data to .csv
Activity log
GDPR Compliant
Backups every 24h
Custom SLA, NDA, DPA
Customer center available 24h per day
Continuously penetration tested
PCI-DSS compliant billing security
Separate instances

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Recognized by IT companies like yours
“Primetric is a game-changing solution. It lets us reduce planning time from 15h per week to just a few minutes. In addition, thanks to the quick comparison of plans to reality, I can easily control what is happening in the project portfolio and react before it’s too late. Primetric took a heavy burden off me."

Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

"Primetric helped us optimize planning meetings and time spent keeping spreadsheets and reports up to date. Moreover, it provides one of the most comprehensive team planning mechanisms on the market. The system suggestions help find who will best suit the project based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

"Primetric is a solution that addresses the unique problems facing IT companies and software development companies like us. We configured it to match our processes perfectly and implemented many extra features. The Primetric team was ready to help us at every stage of the implementation."

Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

"Instead of using 3 different tools, we have Primetric that allows us to quickly see developers availability, compare plans to reality and forecast projects’ profitability under one roof."

Jarosław Rafa

Delivery Manager

"I love the fact that Primetric integrates with Jira, because we have the whole structure created in Jira. (...) and the beauty of that is that the time is smoothly rolled into Primetric by person, by project and date and THERE IS NO MORE THINKING ABOUT IT. It just happens - it's just really nice."

Doug Helm

Director for Technology and Operations

"You have all the cases that are possible [in the system]. That was the eye opener, that’s when we said “This tool is really good!”. I remember showing it to my friends in Croatia. They said: “If that’s the case, we need it as well!”

Christian Paredes


“Primetric allows us to easily visualize the work of our team members and intelligently balance their workloads in the rapidly changing environments of R&D projects we realize.”

Peter Lebryk

Chief Technology Officer

"Primetric is the only source of truth and information on the state of the project. If I want to evaluate a project, I go to Primetric. [...] It is a system that allows us to stop and catch up with all the data through the clear visualization of complex data. It allows us to make decisions and changes - without drowning in data and compiling it, which already eats up so much time that no one has the strength to analyze it and make decisions later."

Jacob Ciupinski

Head of PMO

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?
Try the Primetric Resource center or Contact us

Contact Us
Can I try Primetric for free?
No. We believe that the only way for fast and effective implementation is to start from the test implementation phase. This phase is paid, and can be canceled anytime, but requires from both sides full engagement. This is why our clients implement Primetric in just 14 days, and 90% don't resign.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
Yes, you can always change the number of resources (managers or employees), as well as your plan. If you’d like to change the pricing plan, please contact our consultant.
What is the difference between a manager and an emloyee access?
In Primetric, you can grant people Manager access or Employee access. Based on the accesses, each user will be able to do different activies inside the platform.

The most important is to remember that Manager access allows you to manage employees, while Employee access is limited to time tracking, skills management, time off requests.

You can always upgrade accesses, so someone can have both accesses: Manager and Employee, or downgrade it.

Nevertheless, both roles are considered as a resource.
Can I add or remove resources (users) on the platform?
Of course! You can always increase or reduce the number of resources (users). Remember that in order to do that, you need to have the Administrator role.
What exactly do onboarding & workshops include?
Our implementation team will guide you through the entire implementation process based on your needs and processes.

During the implementation phase, we will teach you how to use Primetric and train your employees. What's more, we will prepare all the necessary materials for your - for example, video tutorials, manuals, documentation, etc.

A dedicated consultant will be available for you via chat/phone/video during the entire duration of our agreement, so you can always ask him about anything you need.
What exactly do custom feature & integration requests include?
This means that we will prepare Primetric to match your needs and processes perfectly. Do you need a custom integration with your CRM, project management tool, or other software? No problem.

Do you need a new feature that helps you on a daily basis, for reporting, or in another scenario? We will prepare a feature roadmap, set up the processes and milestones, and then implement the requested features.

After that, we will also teach your employees how to use it.
Is there a way to implement Primetric on-premises?
No, there is no such option. We can sign additional security documents, and even create custom feature and integration requests, but we do not provide on-premises solution.
How much do I pay if I want to enable the manager and employee access for a single user?
There is no difference. Both accesses are available, so you can add/remove specific roles anytime, and the price will remain the same.