Your data safety is a top priority for us

We know that using Primetric you store crucial data about your business. This is why we want to assure you that we.

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Your data is instantly
backed up

Every time you update anything in Primetric, your data is encrypted and goes to our data centers and backed up daily. Thanks to that you can easily restore them if you need to.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Primetric is fully GDPR compliant - it is just simply as that. More about GDPR
you can read here.


We know that each company has different legal requirements, so we allow you to modify our standard agreements. SLA stands for the best customer service on earth. DPA allows you to freely store and manage personal data of your employees in our system. NDA gives you confidence that all your data are confidential and not used for any other purpose.

Constant updates and customer center available 24h per day

We are here for you 24h/365 days per year. You can catch us via our support center, WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, phone or email. What’s more you will receive your individual consultant which will be responsible for replying to all your questions.

Continuously penetration tested

We believe our development team, that they are doing great work in terms of security, but the first rule of every driver is to trust, but check. This is why our application is penetration tested by the external certified company.

PCI-DSS compliant billing security

All credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption used by leading banks. The whole payment process comply with PCI-DSS, QSA, and PCI Level 1 Service Provider. It is the highest PCI compliance standards.

Separate instances

Each of our customers when signing up to Primetric has their own separate instance. Thanks to that you can be sure that there is no way to accidentally share your data with other users.

Servers located in Europe, Asia, and North America

We use AWS - Amazon Web Services is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud that includes infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings. AWS services offer scalable solutions for compute, storage, databases, analytics, and more.

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant

We know that Soc 2 Type 1 reports are essential for security that is why we are 100% compliant. What is SOC 2 report? It is an internal controls report capturing how a company safeguards customer data and how well those controls are operating.

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