Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets: What Is This Plugin?

Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadget is yet another plugin you can add to your Jira. However, just like any other add on, it has its pros and cons you need to consider before putting the expanded system to work. We analyzed it for you in this article!

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Timesheets & Time Tracking


Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets: plugin for timesheets and time tracking

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What are Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets? 

In Jira, timesheet reports and gadgets allow you to visualize and analyze time-tracking data collected using tools like Jira Tempo Timesheets. These reports and gadgets provide valuable insights into time spent on tasks, projects, and by individual team members. 

What is included in Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets? 

Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets include: 

Timesheet Reports: It provides built-in reports that comprehensively view logged work hours and activities. These reports typically include time spent per day, week, or month, logged hours by project or issue, and aggregated data for each team member.

Project Reports: Project reports focus on time-tracking data specific to a particular project. They provide information on time spent on different tasks within the project, comparison of estimated vs. actual hours, and progress tracking. 

User Reports: User reports focus on individual team members and their logged work hours. They help monitor personal productivity, identify potential bottlenecks and track performance.

Team Reports: Team reports consolidate time-tracking data from multiple team members. They provide an overview of time spent collectively by the team on different projects or tasks. Team reports can be useful for resource allocation, workload balancing, and identifying trends or patterns across the team.

Visualizations: Timesheets Reports and Gadgets visually represent project timelines and work progress. They display tasks or issues along a timeline, with bars representing their duration and progress.

What is not included in Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets? 

While Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets greatly expand the capabilities of a basic Jira, the system still has its limitations. These include: 

  • lack of project management and project portfolio management services
  • unavailability of some more general financial features, such as project budget, overheads or costs of employee bench
  • advanced resource planning features, including reservations and draft allocations, 
  • no reports that combine information from various parts of the business, i.e. capacity, finances, organizational overheads, and more, 
  • lack of forecasting for both planning and project finances. 

Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets: pros and cons

As you can see from the analysis above, Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets have a few features to look forward to; however, they also have some issues you need to consider before embracing the tool to the fullest. 

Here’s how the tool’s advantages and disadvantages look like: 

Pros and cons of Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets

When should you use Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets? 

Just like in the case of a basic Jira, Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets focuses on a short-term perspective suited for sprints or weekly planning cycles. Naturally, this is a perspective that is typical for small companies with no complicated processes, and using Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets is only recommended for them. 

What is a better alternative for Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets? 

Still, Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets are not the only plugin you can integrate with Jira. With Primetric, you can get all the features included in this add-on, and many more - all tailored to the needs of managers and executives in the IT services industry. 

Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets vs Primetric: comparison

Contrary to Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets, Primetric gathers information from the entire company, becoming a single source of information for managers and executives that can later use the tool to make critical decisions regarding their business. Therefore, Primetric offers much broader services than Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets. 

Let’s compare the capabilities of these two tools. 

Jira Timesheets Reports and Gadgets vs Primetric

Do you want to improve your time tracking? 

Great - book a demo with Primetric’s experts and let them show you how to achieve that with our system (and we will automate the process for you, too!).

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Arkadiusz is Head of Growth and Co-founder at Primetric. Prior to that, Arkadiusz was at the helm of his own software development company where he oversaw operations. A great enthusiast of process improvements, his personal mission is to make software companies more profitable and efficient on their path to growth.

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