Now Is the Best Time to Implement Primetric - Here’s Why!

Reports are piling up, budgets are simply not coming together, and there are so many projects that need to be managed… There are so many things that can help you delay the implementation of a new tool. But would you like to delay better profitability, improved customer satisfaction and more accurate business plans, too? If you wouldn’t, here are a few reasons why you simply should embrace the change - now, not in a few years!

Arkadiusz Terpiłowski


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It is the best time to implement Primetric

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But we have so many projects we have to finish before…

…before an inevitable deadline that will be replaced by another one just as the project ends? 

Unfortunately, the IT industry is right in the middle of an endless project life cycle that tends to repeat itself every time a new project begins. Of course, depending on your location, the work may intensify before holidays, Christmas, or right after public holidays are over. However, the projects will always be there, and there is no point in waiting until they magically disappear. Instead, you can simply manage them better - and that’s what we can help you with. 

Primetric can help you: 

  • plan your project, estimate its duration and budget, 
  • allocate the right people to the right stages of the projects and evaluate their costs,
  • manage and monitor the project progress while it lasts, 
  • summarize each period and each periodical budget for the project, 
  • edit the project whenever an unexpected situation occurs, 
  • gather the information about the project after it’s completed using the number of reports, graphs, charts and other visualizations.

In short: Primetric can help you get the most of your project while taking as little of your time as possible. 

But my employees are not available right now! 

Of course, your specialists deserve a break during Christmas, Easter, public holidays, during summer, Thanksgiving, and of course during winter! 

However, there is always a holiday ahead, no matter how much you want it to be postponed. The same applies for employees - some of them are always going to be missing during a planned implementation. In short, there is no way that all the people will be there for the implementation - there’s no point in delaying it because of that! 

But I have so much to do before the end of… 

We know that the end of the year, quarter or simply a project is a very chaotic period full of negative emotions - and we are here to remedy that problem. 

Our tool was created to help the executives manage company’s operations without spending their time on pointless calculations and research - and you would definitely like to get rid of them as quickly as possible, would you? 

No problem - according to our experts, 80% of companies complete the implementation within six weeks. As a result, they gain full access to all the modules of the tool faster than businesses that have decided to implement Primetric at other times of the year. 

Can’t we wait until after the holidays? 

If you start the implementation right after the holidays, the engagement of your employees will be worse than ever - there’s always so much more work to catch up with after the break. Now add the implementation of a new tool to the equation, and you certainly won’t be happy with its pace. 

To add an insult to an injury, your business will still generate the data in Excel spreadsheets or other tools right after the holidays. As a result, the implementation will be more complicated later on, as the data will have to be imported and integrated. Isn’t it better to start a new tool right away? 

But I simply have no time! 

A company needs 3 people to prepare all the data, and each of them will spend at least 60 hours a month doing so. In other words, in a single year a medium-sized business wastes 720 hours, or 90 working days on simple data management, spending thousands of dollars. 

This process can be even more costly by the end of the year, when summaries are made. On average, managers spend 10 to 15% more time on reports in this period - and they could be doing something much more valuable! 

So, your business probably has the time you need to do more - it simply needs to be freed up by Primetric.

Primetric can gather the data from the entire company and from different tools you may use, in the real time. As a result, no additional action is needed to gather all the data in a single place. To add to that, Primetric can also convert the data into reports, graphs, charts, and any other custom visualizations you may need, without you even having to think about.

Sounds like we could save you some time, doesn’t it? 

But my managers do not have time for implementation! 

Let’s make it clear: the first month of the implementation is not supposed to revolutionize your company - it is supposed to tailor the tool to your needs.  

To ensure that our tool meets all the objectives, we have prepared a bespoke process that requires little to no input from the manager’s side. Of course, we do cooperate with them in their key areas of interest; however, the majority of the process is overseen by a Product Champion - customer’s representative with in-depth knowledge of the company's needs. 

Apart from that, our customers are entitled to our continuous support - an offer that is rarely seen on the market. Additionally, there are no strings attached to it; if you feel like we cannot cater to your needs, you can simply stop the implementation. However, we assure you that you won’t need any lengthy preparations to see Primetric’s. Our tests are completed in just 21 days! 

How can Primetric be of use? 

It can help you summarize the projects, financials, and more

If you are already stuck in piles of documents and reports, we have a question for you - would you like to get stuck in those documents next year, too? 

We feel like we can predict the answer to this question - and it’s a no. Good news is, we can limit the amount of paperwork you need to face both on a yearly and on a daily basis. 

Primetric gathers the data from all the departments in your company, as well as all the other tools you may use. As a result, our tool provides you with a bird’s eye view of all the operations and helps you highlight both good and bad decisions - including the ones that you weren’t even aware of making. In other words - you can see exactly what happened in your company so far, and what caused it. 

It can show you all the data in automated reports & charts

Feeling like you could find some unpleasant surprises in your yearly reports? We can turn them into wonderful Christmas gifts right away. 

As Primertic gathers all the data in the real time, you can use it to monitor all the activities in your company before they become a problem. Overbooking, benches or vacancies? Here’s where they are, just like their solutions. Issues with budgeting? Our tool already knows what their origins are. Want to know the real capacity of your employees? We will use the data on holidays and time offs to calculate it for you. 

Importantly, we won’t just show you the data - we will also make sure that it is as easily understandable as possible. Primetric uses a variety of visualization tools, such as charts, tables and graphs, to provide you with a maximum transparency for your business. 

Sounds like a few tons of documents just disappeared from your desk! 

Improved planning for the next year

We are aware that you also have another challenge waiting for you just around the corner - and it isn’t a Christmas tree that needs to be decorated. Project planning is another enormous endeavor that surely takes up a lot of space in your calendar. 

But what if we told you that the process can be much simpler? 

In Primetric you can find a variety of features that can improve both the quality and the pace of your planning, including: 

  • automatically calculated capacity (the formula includes time offs and public holidays, too), 
  • employee’s profile with wages and skill management that will help you find the right people for the job, 
  • Gantt chart calendar with drag-and-drop allocations. 

You can get a big picture to make strategic decisions

You do not have to worry if you already have some tools implemented in your company - you do not have to get rid of them! 

Primetric can be integrated with a variety of other tools commonly used by IT companies. That includes: Jira, Harvest, Redmine, Tempo, Clickup, Clockify, Bamboo HR, HiBob, as well as other popular choices you may have had the pleasure of using. Primetric can gather data from all of these tools to show you how your business performance looks, and to help you make the right decisions for the consecutive period - whatever it might be. 

We offer free consultations with our experts

Last but not least, we have an additional surprise for you. This year, to help you with implementation of our tool even more, we offer free consultations with our expert that will help you power up the implementation of Primetric. 

During the consultations, our specialists will show you how your company’s data can be integrated or transferred to Primetric. They will also show you how you will be able to manage the information in the system. 

Still having too much on your plate? 

We will put it bluntly - we can help you finally be free from the paperwork. 

We know you are ready for the change; in fact, we know very few people who would gladly stick to the piles of documents. We simply believe that, as a manager or executive, you will never be less busy - unless you take the first step towards improving this state of affairs. 

Every journey begins with the first step…

And you can take it right away! 

To check whether we have what you need, book a demo with our consultants and let them show you what we can do. 

Arkadiusz Terpiłowski


Arkadiusz is Head of Growth and Co-founder at Primetric. Prior to that, Arkadiusz was at the helm of his own software development company where he oversaw operations. A great enthusiast of process improvements, his personal mission is to make software companies more profitable and efficient on their path to growth.

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