7 razloga zašto bi vaše poduzeće trebalo znati svoj indeks ocjene dospijeća

With increased competitiveness and new challenges looming in the distance, it is crucial for IT services companies to stay ahead of the competition. What’s the best way of achieving this? Improving profitability.

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7 reasons why your company should know its MSI

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Dobijte provjerene savjete o optimizaciji radnog opterećenja, isporuke projekta i financija - mjesečno.

According to European Profitability and Utilization Report 2023, we were able to observe one significant insight into how IT Services Companies can improve their profits. The solution is improving operational excellence.

The Maturity Score Index addresses a crucial question: How should I know what kind of operational excellence improvements I should introduce to my IT services company?

What Is The Maturity Score Index? 

The Maturity Score Index is a brand-new indicator aiming to measure the operational excellence of IT services companies in the European Market by placing them on a 5-grade scale, with the companies on the fifth level being the most advanced and companies on the first and second level having the simplest processes. 

A sample MSI Score
A sample MSI score
MSI can elp you identify gaps in your processes

Why Should Your Company Know Its Score In MSI? 

The Maturity Score Index for a company is a single score acting as an overview of the entire business. As a result, it can help you to:

Identify Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Business

In today’s competitive landscape, even minor players are required to improve their processes daily. But how could you know which parts of your business call for a change?

The Maturity Score Index can help you find that out. 

After completing the survey, you will gain access to a complete overview of your processes, including (but not limited to) resource, project, and finance management, along with their in-depth analysis, allowing you to see the issues your business is facing. 

Data about best practices in the Maturity Score Index are gathered based on 250 IT services companies - European IT champions.

In other words, by identifying your challenges, we will show you the easiest and fastest way to boost your processes with a single questionnaire that will take you less than 15 minutes to complete - all to improve your company’s utilization, productivity, and profitability. 

Eliminate Waste, Inconsistencies, And Bad Decisions

Let’s face it: how many tasks did you and your company members finish last year, but after all, it came out that was unnecessary, irrelevant, or ineffective?

We all hate to face the consequences of wrong decisions, incorrect allocations, or lack of new projects in the pipeline. Fortunately, the MSI can help you eliminate those issues once and for all. 

With advice included in the report, you can determine which KPIs in your organization, such as utilization, profitability, or productivity, have some room for improvement and use the knowledge to perfect them later on, leading to the elimination of issues such as:

  • Schedule conflicts, 
  • Idle employees, 
  • Lack of long-term plans, 
  • Costs of unnecessary operations, 
  • Growing costs of non-billable hours, 
  • Exceeded budgets. 

Boost Delivery Processes And Customer Satisfaction

Operational shortcomings can lead to delayed or subpar service delivery, resulting in unhappy clients and potential loss of business. Every IT service company would like to avoid that - and now they can do that thanks to MSI. 

With a complete analysis of your current operational performance provided by MSI, you can learn to perfect your project scheduling, avoid unnecessary risks, and take a sneak peek into the future to draft project plans for weeks and months to come, improving the success chance of your projects and, consequently, providing your customers with reliable services delivered on time. 

A sample analysis of forecasting in MSI
A sample analysis of forecasting in MSI

Achieve The Highest Possible Profitability 

Uncertain times require specific solutions that can guarantee your company a stable income - and the majority of leading IT services companies believe that nothing contributes to secure cash flow more than advanced processes. 

In MSI, we describe all the factors that improve profitability and break them down into individual actions and processes to help you understand their impact on your earnings. By analyzing your company's current situation, the MSI also identifies gaps in your processes, allowing you to improve them while boosting your profitability - regardless of market conditions. 

A chart showing the change in profitability with a growing MSI level

And you know what? We proved that increasing the MSI level improves profit margin by 33% on average!

Improve The Scalability Of Your Business

The more people your company employs, the harder it is to make the most of their time and monitor their impact on projects and the company’s performance. Additionally, poorly developed operational processes can restrict the organization's ability to scale up its services efficiently, limiting growth opportunities.

However, with your MSI score in hand, you can easily identify the processes or fields that prevent your organization from growing even further and eliminate or improve them, using every opportunity to the fullest - and leaving the competition puzzled by the efficiency of your organization. 

MSI helps IT companies improve profitability

Boost Morale And Reduce Frustrations

Noboty’s happy about mistakes in plans, schedule conflicts, overtime, or delays, whether you are talking to an employee, a manager, or an average customer. Fortunately, improving your processes can help you eliminate those problems, too - and participating in the MSI is the first step toward operational excellence. 

With the MSI insights at hand, you can get to the root of common planning issues resulting in project delays, conflicts, or simple mistakes leading to dissatisfaction among all parties involved and solve them, boosting both productivity and morale in the process. 

Compare Your Business To The Competition

To become better, companies need to know how they are doing compared to their more advanced counterparts. Still, until recently, it was difficult to tell who the industry leaders are and what makes them stand out from the rest of the players. This changed with the results of the MSI. 

By reading the study, you can do more than just evaluate the current state of your company; you can also see how advanced its processes are compared to other IT services organizations in the region. You can also determine the place of your business in the classification - is it the master of all the processes, or maybe it is far from operational excellence? 

Get Your Company’s MSI Score Right Now! 

Are you ready to advance your business to the next level?

The best time to do this is now! 

You still have a chance to participate in the Maturity Score Index. Just visit this site: [LINK] to get actionable insights about which processes you should prioritize and boost your profit margin!

Arkadiusz je voditelj rasta i suosnivač u Primetricu. Prije toga, Arkadiusz je bio na čelu vlastite tvrtke za razvoj softvera gdje je nadgledao poslovanje. Veliki entuzijast poboljšanja procesa, njegova osobna misija je učiniti softverske tvrtke profitabilnijima i učinkovitijima na putu prema rastu.

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