Why Do Customers Value Primetric in Times of Recession?

We keep in touch with our customers daily, and we couldn’t help but notice that many of them have experienced a sudden shift in the IT market - in fact, many of them think that the recession might be just around the corner. We have also observed some changes in the sector, so we decided to ask its representatives if and how they were assisted by Primetric when it comes to recession. That’s what we found out.

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Dobijte provjerene savjete o optimizaciji radnog opterećenja, isporuke projekta i financija - mjesečno.

Over 80% of customers recommend Primetric during recession 

“Do you believe that Primetric’s features are useful during a recession?” - that is the question we asked our customers.

So far, over 80% of our respondents were convinced that our tool has what it takes to help IT services businesses be successful regardless of the circumstances. 

Of course, this claim was also supported by customers’ experiences with our tool - here are some of them. 


Company size: 51 - 100 | Industry: Digital Agency | Location: Poland

Goodylabs is a digital agency specializing in UX/UI, e-commerce, and mobile development. It employs over 60 people, and it plans to grow even further. In Goodylab's portfolio, you can find programs for managing pricing in B2B companies and solutions for managing work and contractors. 

Goodylabs mostly uses Primetric for resource and utilization management as well as the financial forecasting and results tracking of projects, people, and the company as a whole.

Tom Mazurek, the head of the Operations Department, describes the cooperation as follows: 

"Managing an organization in times of recession is a particularly challenging task. On the one hand, money is slipping between fingers, and it cannot be covered up with financial surpluses; on the other hand, unprofitable projects and processes become an even greater burden. In goodylabs, Primetric allowed us to look at these two aspects in real-time. The combination of the time tracking tool with the project and cost accounting module allows decisions to be made very quickly. In fact, month to month, we can see how projects are doing and can react immediately. [...] Every month of tardiness can result in losses, and good data on the company's health, and projects, with easy access to it, are priceless."


Company size: 11 - 50 | Industry: Software Development Services | Location: Poland

Havenocode is a Polish software development company specializing in creating custom software solutions for businesses. Their services include software development, web development, mobile development, cloud solutions, and DevOps consulting. They use cutting-edge technology and agile methodologies to deliver high-quality products that meet their clients' needs.

Havenocode has also felt the positive impact of Primetric on its performance during market slowdown. That is how the company represented by Alicja Szczygieł, Project Manager, has described working with Primetric during the crisis: 

"During a recession, managing a company's resources effectively is crucial to remain competitive in the market, including in the IT industry. In such a situation, resource planning tools and company calendars prove essential. Primetric allows me to manage my team and control project costs effectively. Thanks to it, I can, based on data, plan the work of team members on several projects, as well as coordinate activities between different departments and employees of the company. With the right regularity of data entry, Primetric also allows us to monitor progress, which enables us to react quickly in case of any problems or threats of overruns.In Primetric, we also generate customized reports that can be enhanced with new data at any time. This is especially helpful for planning activities for the future."


Company size: 1 -10 | Industry: Software Development Services | Location: Poland

Yellows is a Polish company that specializes in developing and implementing innovative digital solutions for businesses. Their services include creating custom software, web and mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, and digital marketing strategies. 

The benefits of Primetric for company’s finances in such a business were obvious for Michał Kulc, IT Manager and Technical Software Manager in Yellows. 

"Primetric allows us to easily calculate the projected cost-effectiveness of projects and verify it in real time. In times of recession, this is especially important, as financial pressure from customers has increased. Also, very useful is the function for calculating 1st and 2nd degree (project) margins."

Future Mind

Company size: 101 - 300 | Industry: Software Development Services | Location: Poland

Future Mind is a Polish software development company that specializes in digital advisory and creating custom mobile and web applications for businesses. Future Mind has experience working with clients in various industries, such as retail, real estate, telematics, and travel.

So far, Primetric’s cooperation with Future Mind focuses on planning people and their capacity. Thanks to the tool’s features, the company saved over 3500 hours their employees would have otherwise spent on the bench (no billable hours). 

That is how Paweł Josiek, co-owner and COO at Future Mind, describes Primetric’s anti-crisis features: 

"At a time when the profitability and liquidity of a service business is of particular importance, data-driven decision support tools, to create reliable forecasts, come to the rescue. Primetric facilitates, in particular, the sealing of resource planning, the ability to create forecasts in several probability scenarios, and the ability to forecast costs and revenues based on resource allocations and other overheads. In addition, it enables the ongoing control of so-called productivity drivers (e.g., the desired, indicative utilization rate or profit margin in projects)."

Mohi.to - Poland 

Company size: 51 - 100 | Industry: UX Agency | Location: Poland

Mohi.to is a Polish user experience agency focusing mostly on providing users with exceptional experiences. It provides services to numerous leading digital companies in e-commerce, professional services, and more. 

As the company relies heavily on selling its employees' time, it mainly uses Primetric for resource management. According to Kamil Frejlich, CEO of Mohi.to, this feature is essential for any company during a crisis. 

"A recession is a period in which it seems crucial to me to optimally manage a company's resources, i.e., to utilize them as fully as possible. Primetric provides information on the utilization level many weeks ahead, so it is possible to take actions that will avoid the problem before it occurs."

Speednet - Poland

Speednet is a renowned Polish company specializing in providing innovative IT solutions and cutting-edge technology services. With a strong commitment to excellence, Speednet caters to a wide range of industries, including finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and e-commerce.

As the company is dynamically increasing in size, it requires a full control of its finances to maximize profits and accelerate the growth. That is why, according to Jakub Ciupiński, Head of Project Management Office, using Primetric for getting a bigger picture of company’s finances is crucial for its existence. 

“In our company, the tool is used by many people in contexts depending on their role or position. The benefit is that we have one tool, common data, and everyone can independently create statements for their own needs. We meet later only to analyze and interpret the results. We don't waste time searching for data, reconciling etc.
I have current access to up-to-date data especially on cost and revenue prediction. I can predict future costs especially for bench (unutilized cost) and non-billable projects. This allows you to plan well in advance and make informed decisions based on the numbers.” 

Codigee - Poland 

Codigee is a technology company that specializes in software development and digital solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Codigee offers a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes, helping them leverage technology to drive growth and achieve their goals.

However, to provide its customers with exceptional services, Codigee needs perfect internal processes that allow it to plan is operation, as well as finances. According to Eryk Kruk, CEO and Co-founder of Codigee, this is Primetric’s main objective. 

“As we all know, recession spares no one. Whether you're a small business or a corporation, market changes will inevitably impact your operations. By using Primetric, we are able to assess our future in a financial context in a quick and straightforward manner, and most importantly - forecast and plan our actions based on figures. The data provided to us by the program is a good indicator of our financial condition and instills a sense of justified control over the future of our company.
Primetric allows us to accurately assess the profitability of each project individually, as well as allocate expenses associated with people working on multiple projects at once. Additionally, the time tracker is convenient, especially if it's integrated with other tools like JIRA."

Do you want to combat recession with Primetric? 

Great - we are here to help you, and we can start right away! 

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Arkadiusz Terpiłowski


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