Turn Your Jira into Instant Insights About All Projects, Resources, and Finances

Primetric unlocks insights hidden in your Jira data and worklogs that lets you optimize

automatically connects with your Jira data and worklogs to generate customizable insights, charts, and reports that help you manage your projects, people, and costs.

Primetric helps to discover these insights fast, so you can instantly take action and optimize your processes.

Those IT champions trusted us:
Resource Planning

Resource planning

Plan and see your resources' long-term allocation

Primetric shows you the best specialists for a project based on their tech skills, availability, and cost rate. You don’t have to remember anything by heart anymore.

You can finally balance the utilization level of your employees: check who is overutilized and who is on the bench to make smarter decisions.

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"Primetric helped us optimize planning meetings and time spent keeping spreadsheets and reports up to date. Moreover, it provides one of the most comprehensive team planning mechanisms on the market. The system suggestions help find who will best suit the project based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

Resource Planning

Finance Management

1:1 copy of your billing model

Plan projects’ budget & organization overheads, forecast cash-flow and create financial simulations.

Divide costs & incomes to categories and see which projects are most profitable.

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"Finally, we have one single source of truth, that helped us improve our budget management and increase our company's profitability. „

Peter Krajewski


Resource Planning

Timesheets & time tracking

Track time spent on different projects

Compare your plans to what actually happens, allowing your team members to log work easily using helpful dashboards.

Accept or modify the logged work and send timesheets to your clients.

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“Logging work and generating timesheets is a piece of cake. Thanks to the nice dashboard I exactly know, what to do, for how long, and what is coming next."

Testimonial | HSD


Software Developer

Resource Planning

Business Intelligence

Bring all data together in detailed reports

Generate powerful reports about all the essential moving parts of your company. Save report templates and share them with your teammates.

Analyze, predict, and optimize your performance at every stage of project delivery.

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“Primetric is a solution that addresses the unique problems facing software development agencies like us.”

Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

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