Harvest is Good for Tracking Time. Combine it With Primetric to Plan Resources and Forecast Profits Beyond Next Week

Easily import Harvest time entries and data to plan your projects, resources, and expenses months ahead (advanced estimates like second degree margin, capacity, and utilization will be calculated automatically)

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Add long-term planning into the equation

"Primetric allowed us to minimize the number of meetings and time spent in multiple spreadsheets. Moreover, it provides the best team planning mechanism on the market. The system itself suggests who will best suit the project based on skills, availability and hour cost."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

Manage your company resources and make smarter decisions about allocating people to projects.

Create the best performing and most profitable project teams based on their availability, experience, and hourly rates.

  • Profitability reports for current and planned projects
  • Resource allocation based on skills & experience

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Forecast availability of your resources, see your budget burndown, and compare plans to reality

Trusted by managers and excecutives in stable and growing companies sized 10-600

Integrates with Harvest, Jira, BambooHR, and others for instant access to accurate reports

"With Primetric, we see the estimates and the resources, what’s their availability and capacity. That helps guide us throughout the project."

Resource Planning
Resource Planning
Company size

See how your future Harvest worklogs will look like

Predict your resources’ workload months ahead and compare it to your project plans, both for ongoing and yet uncertain projects.

Identify gaps in your capacity based on your current workforce and future project drafts.

„The guys from Primetric are amazing! They added a missing feature in just 5 hours. Their responsiveness and ability to arrange a video meeting whenever needed is simply amazing.”

Testimonial | HSD

Sarah Prouse

Delivery Director

  • Add uncertain projects to understand gaps in your future capacity
  • Create draft allocations to book resources for specific projects

Allocate resources based on experience, availability, and profitability

"Primetric helped us optimize planning meetings and time spent keeping spreadsheets and reports up to date.

It provides one of the most comprehensive team planning mechanisms on the market.

The system suggestions help find who will best suit the project based on skills, availability, and hourly rate."

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

Plan and track your work in daily, weekly, or monthly calendars

Use filtering and customizable reports to see your resources allocation across all projects or specific ones based on your chosen criteria.

  • Full visibility with active, reserved, and draft allocations
  • Switch between entire portfolio and specific projects

Schedule resources to avoid bottlenecks

Avoid potential understaffing or overbooking conflicts before they occur with full resources visibility, Make adjustments to your resource plans in real time as your priorities change.

  • Utilization reports that help you understand how much work your team can take on

Success stories from companies using Harvest

Helping Monterail to slash the time and cost of resource scheduling 

Established in 2010, Monterail is a Polish software development company that grew from a small team to 110+ people, recognized by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies. By implementing Primetric, Monterail finally gained full visibility into its resources, making planning and resource scheduling faster, easier, and more cost-effective. 

Efficiency growth
Saved per year

Andy McCartney

Head of Product Design

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How Netgen regained full control of finances with Primetric

Managing one company is a very challenging task; managing two company branches in two different countries can be close to impossible. To add to that, not many tools can reflect such a structure - and that’s why Netgen decided to use Primetric for both its finances, resource allocation and project portfolio management.

of working hours saved with Primetric
accurate margin calculations

Christian Paredes

CEO for Netgen's Swiss branch

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How Monterail simplified resource scheduling with Primetric

Monterail is a leading Polish software development company that grew from a small team to 110+ people running an organization recognized by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies.

cost optimization
visibility of resources

Alexandra Ardelean

Resource Planning Specialist

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Helping an Australian IT company save 200k per year with resource planning

HSD is an Australian software development company with branches across five locations and over 20 years of history. HSD is a certified Microsoft partner, running long-term projects with multi-million budgets. Specializing in the Microsoft Dynamics and .NET ecosystem, HSD has an excellent track of cooperation with small, mid-sized, and large private and public organizations in sectors such as education, healthcare, and regulation (RegTech).

200 000$
saved per year
15h to 2min
reduced planning time

Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

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Capco vs spreadsheets. How did Primetric help with transparency issues?

Capco’s team leaders were tormented by endless spreadsheets and everlasting meetings. As the company grew, the situation was becoming unbearable - and Capco began looking for a solution capable of improving process transparency and reducing the time needed for resource management.

confidence for estimates
less time spent on administrative tasks

Doug Helm

Associate Director for Technology and Operations

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How Primetric helped Future Mind to reduce bench time by 3,500 h

Future Mind was using Harvest Forecast for planning and assigning specialists to projects. However, the solution was too simple and lacked key functionalities like financial forecasting, checking forecasts against actual outcomes, and advanced permission settings.

3,500 hours
reduced bench time y/y
200 000$
additional income

Paul Josiek

Chief Operating Officer

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Helping TestArmy bring together resource planning and budgeting features

TestArmy used two separate tools for managing their resources and tracking time, Cost Locker and Float. Since using two separate tools turned out to be time-consuming, inefficient, and costly, the company was looking for a solution that would integrate all of the key features under one roof.

larger cost savings
source of truth

Wojciech Huminski

Chief Operating Officer

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Real-time availability and workload insights

Access your resource availability data any time you need without calling another meeting and figuring out date ranges in Jira or spreadsheets.

  • No more "Who's available for this project?" meetings
  • Resource availability visible across departments to take on new projects faster

Smoother teamwork and communication between departments

Stop switching between various tools. Make decisions on allocations quickly thanks to integrations with other platforms and store all the data under one roof. 

Primetric gives you full control and visibility for your resource planning to be a piece of cake.

  • Time-offs
  • Public holidays
  • Different contract terms

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Time-tracking and budget management

Track time and resource costs like salaries to make sure your utllization reports and project profitability estimates are up-to-date.

  • Use the built-in timesheet system or connect with your time tracking software
  • Forecasts and conflict detector
Testimonial | HSD
“Primetric is a game-changing solution. It lets us reduce planning time from 15h per week to just 30 seconds.

Now, everyone knows who, when, and for how long should work on a project. Primetric took a heavy burden off me."

Sarah Prouse

Service Delivery Director

Start managing your resources instead of spreadsheets

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