Jira Tempo Timesheets - What Is Included in This Plugin?

Jira has its flaws - but can some of them be fixed with Tempo Timesheets? We took a closer look at the plugin to determine whether or not it can be helpful for managers. Here are our findings!

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What are Jira Tempo Timesheets? 

Jira Tempo Timesheets is a popular plugin or add-on for Jira that provides time tracking and resource management capabilities. Teams and organizations commonly use it to track and manage their work hours, log time spent on tasks, and generate reports for analysis and billing purposes.

What features are included in Jira Tempo Timesheets? 

The most popular Jira Tempo Timesheets features include: 

Time logging: Tempo Timesheets allows users to log their work hours directly in Jira. They can track the time spent on various tasks, subtasks, or projects by entering start and end times or using a timer. Managers can also divide the time into billable and non-billable hours

Timesheets and their approval: Managers or project leads can review and approve timesheets before they are finalized. This helps ensure accuracy and accountability in time tracking.

Flexible reporting: Tempo Timesheets offers a wide range of reporting options. Users can generate timesheet reports, project reports, team reports, and more. Reports can be customized to include specific time periods, projects, team members, and other relevant parameters.

Resource planning: The plugin provides resource planning and allocation features, allowing managers to assign work to team members based on their availability and workload. This helps optimize resource utilization and project planning..

API and integration capabilities: Tempo Timesheets provides APIs and supports integration with other Jira plugins and external tools, allowing for extended functionality and data exchange.

What features are not included in Jira Tempo Timesheets? 

Jira Tempo Timesheets mostly focuses on expanding the time tracking feature. As a result of that approach, it does not contain: 

  • project management and project portfolio management services
  • more general financial features, such as project budget, overheads or costs of employee bench
  • resource forecasting modules, or any other features allowing to predict the future condition of the company, 
  • advanced resource planning features, including reservations and draft allocations, 
  • reports that combine information from various parts of the business, i.e. capacity, finances, organizational overheads, and more, 
  • a feature allowing managers to invoice their customers based on the logged hours. 

Jira Tempo Timesheets: pros and cons

Based on the information provided above, does Jira Tempo Timesheets have all the features a manager might need in their work? 

Here’s a comparison between its advantages and disadvantages. 

Jira Tempo Timesheets Pros and Cons

When should you use Jira Tempo Timesheets? 

As you can see from the comparison above, Jira Tempo Timesheets only offer a limited overview of resource management, with some financial elements available. However, as the tool is closely tied to Jira, it only provides short-term perspective to the managers. As a result, companies cannot use it to create a long-term plan and make critical decisions about their future.

What tools should I use to make up for the shortcomings of Jira Tempo Timesheets? 

Numerous tools are offering a long-term perspective on all the key business indicators. However, Primetric offers the most comprehensive approach. 

Let’s see how it compares to Jira Tempo Timesheets. 

Primetric and Jira Tempo Timesheets - comparison

Primetric was created to provide managers with a bird’s eye view of all the operations in their companies. Jira Tempo Timesheets, on the other hand, shed some light only on a limited time tracking data. Therefore, the differences between these two tools are fundamental.

Primetric vs Jira Tempo Timesheets

Do you want to know all the differences between Primetric and Jira Tempo Timesheets? Just drop us a line - we will send you more details. 

Do you want to stay on top of time tracking? 

Great - book a demo with Primetric’s experts and let them show you how to achieve that.

Alternatively, you can also begin with expanding your knowledge. Just go to Primetric blog and read about: 

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